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EVERSAFE Fire & Safety is a dedicated maintenance specialist across the entire field of Fire Detection and Suppression Systems and Portable Fire Protection Equipment.
Established in 2001, EVERSAFE has now grown to become one of the largest independently owned fire protection companies in Queensland. However, we have not forgotten the reasons why our customers have trusted and chosen us to look after their fire protection needs.
Every EVERSAFE customer is a ‘VIP’ long after they commence to do business with us. Unlike some of our competitors, you can ring EVERSAFE and actually talk to the person you need to talk to.

Fire Extinguishing Products:

When supplying key portable fire protection products to our customers, we do not rely on the quality and workmanship of some unknown third-party supplier overseas. In conjunction with our overseas based sister company, EVERSAFE in Australia was heavily involved in the initial product development and continues to be involved in the ongoing improvement of the EVERSAFE Dry Chemical Powder Extinguisher and Fire Hose Reel range of products.

The EVERSAFE range of Water, Foam and Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are assembled here in Brisbane. All EVERSAFE fire extinguishing products have been developed specifically for the Australian market and conditions and will continue to provide effective and cost efficient service long after purchase.

Service and Maintenance:

Australian Standard AS 1851 clearly defines the procedures and frequency for the regular inspection, test and maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment. The only thing more important than ensuring that premises are fitted with the correct type and quantity of fire fighting systems and equipment is ensuring that the equipment will work correctly in the event of a fire.

With a team of experienced and qualified Field Service Technicians, a large fully equipped vehicle fleet and modern Service Depot facilities, EVERSAFE specialises in providing cost effective and efficient maintenance solutions and regulatory compliance for your premises.


QBCC – Queensland Building and Construction Commission:
In Queensland, it is a mandatory requirement under the Building Fire Safety Regulation that all fire protection systems, installations and fire fighting equipment be maintained in compliance with the relevant Australian Standard, that currently being AS 1851 – Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment

EVERSAFE Fire & Safety
is fully licenced to perform Inspection, Testing, Installation, Repair and importantly Certification across a wide range of Portable and Fixed Fire Protection Equipment. For full details of our current licences, please visit www.qbcc.qld.gov.au and enter our Licence Number 745658 under ‘Licence Search’.

Quality Management System:
Quality Assurance are not just words – they are and should be a culture and reflection of the business and the way in which things are done. All companies will say they focus and only provide ‘quality’ products and services. Here at EVERSAFE, we don’t just say it – we can verify it.
Not only has EVERSAFE just celebrated it’s 20 year Anniversary of full ‘Third Party Certified’ AS/NZS ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems through SAI Global, we also hold certifications for our High Pressure Gas Cylinder Test Station and also approvals for the assembly of Australian Standard Approved Water, Foam and Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher – specifically for the Australian market and conditions.

Fire Protection Association Australia:
EVERSAFE is proud to hold ‘Gold Membership’ of FPA Australia which is the national peak body focused on fire safety and supporting and representing the fire protection industry and is a signatory and compliant to it’s Code of Practice. The FPA not only supports the fire industry, but is directly involved in ongoing improvement to Australian Standards and skill level of fire safety practicioners to enhance and support the fire safety and security of the broader community.


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