Dry Powder Extinguishers

Extinguisher type:
Dry Chemical Powder

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  • Pre 1998 – Red with centre WHITE band
  • Post 1998 – Red with upper level WHITE band

High performance extinguishers suitable and effective on most fire risks refer to the Suitability Guide below. Available in a wide range of sizes with either a wall type or a bracket suitable for installation on mobile plant and equipment.


Dry Powder consists of very fine particles making clean up after discharge difficult. Discharge may cause damage to electrical components, consider an EVERSAFE  CO2 extinguisher as an alternative. Discharge in a confined space may obstruct vision.


Inspection and maintenance is to be performed at regular six monthly intervals as required by Australian Standard AS 1851 by an authorised or licensed contractor.

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

EVERSAFE  fire extinguishers are designed and manufactured to provide not only an effective means of combating a fire but also a long, cost-efficient service life. All cylinders are internally treated against corrosion while externally painted using the highest quality polyester powder coat paint which not only resists fading through UV but also provides excellent corrosion resistance. Pressure indicators are reliable mechanical operation and with a solid brass casing, offer superior impact resistance. Wall-mounted extinguishers are fitted with 1.5mm 304 grade stainless steel handles and levers.

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