Fire Safety @ Home

Small fires in the home can occur at any time due to a faulty electrical appliance or on the cook-top in the kitchen. Prevent these small fires from getting bigger by having quality firefighting equipment nearby. Fire safety equipment should not be installed too close to the risk but also not too far away usually about two metres is ideal.

For the cook-top, an EVERSAFE  1.0 metre x 1.0 metre Fire Blanket is the ideal solution for cooking oils. Make sure you read the instructions on the front of the packaging and rehearse how to use it correctly. Also available in 1.2 x 1.8 metre for larger risk applications.

An EVERSAFE  1.0kg Dry Powder extinguisher is suitable and effective to use on most fires, timber, paper, cardboard, flammable liquids and also those where live electrical current is present.

For fires where it might be difficult to direct the discharge to the source of the flame with a nozzle, or for the car, caravan or boat, an EVERSAFE  1.0kg with a hose is the best option. Fire extinguishers should be fully inspected every six months. Check that the pressure indicator is in the GREEN zone regularly but NEVER test by discharging the extinguisher.

In the home, Queensland Regulations require interconnected photo-electric smoke alarms should be installed within all bedrooms and all corridors leading to bedrooms.
It is recommended that smoke alarms installed are fitted with lithium providing a 10 year service life.

Call EVERSAFE to discuss the best type of Smoke Alarm and Fire Protection for your home.


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