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Australian Standard AS 1851-2005 clearly defines the procedures and frequency for the regular inspection, test and maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment. The only thing more important than ensuring that premises are fitted with the correct type and quantity of fire fighting systems and equipment is ensuring that the equipment will work correctly in the event of a fire.

Like any mechanical device, fire fighting appliances require regular scheduled service inspection and maintenance to maintain their efficiency and effectiveness.


So when selecting your approved maintenance provider, it is important to consider the additional benefits that the contractor can offer.

EVERSAFE Fire & Safety is a specialist maintenance company dedicated to providing our clients with high quality, cost effective and innovative fire safety solutions across the complete range of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.


Fire Suppression Systems:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler & Deluge System
  • Fire Hydrant and Fire Hose Reel Systems
  • Diesel and Electric Booster Pumps
  • Special Hazard Systems
    • Routine Inspections and Testing.
    • Valve and System Overhaul and Repair.
    • System Extensions and additions.

Fire Detection, Alarm and Evacuation Systems:

  • Conventional and Addressable Systems
  • Manual Call Points
  • Emergency Evacuation Systems
  • Intercommunication Systems including Warden Points.
    • Routine Inspections and Testing.
    • Annual System and Detector Testing.
    • System Extensions and additions.



Ancillary Systems and Services:

  • Emergency and Exit Lighting
  • Fire Doors and Passive
  • Fire and Emergency Training
  • Evacuation Plans and Diagrams
  • Fire Safety Management

In Queensland, it is a mandatory requirement under the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 that all fire protection systems, installations and fire fighting equipment be maintained by a Building Services Authority (BSA) licenced contractor in compliance with the relevant Australian Standard, that currently being AS 1851 2005 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.









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