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The installation of Fire Fighting Equipment and fixed Fire Suppression and Detection Systems represents a significant financial investment for building owners and business operators. The effectiveness of the equipment can only be assured through a strict and compliant maintenance program by a skilled and dedicated maintenance organisation.

Portable Fire Fighting Equipment:

Portable Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets and Fire Hose require inspection at intervals not exceeding 6 months. In addition to the routine inspections, additional service functions are required at 5-year intervals.

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Portable Fire Fighting Equipment

Automatic Sprinkler Systems:

The successful operation of an Automatic Fire Sprinkler or Suppression System is critical in the event of a fire. A strict and compliant maintenance regime is crucial as it replicates system operation, incl. that of pumps where fitted.

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Fire Detection and Alarm Systems:

Fire Detection Systems will require inspection and test on a regular monthly basis. In some instances, an emergency evacuation system will be an integral component of the alarm system which is tested at the same time.

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Emergency and Exit Lighting Systems:

Emergency lighting systems are powered by mains 240 volt but will also have self contained battery back up to operate the lights in an emergency. Ideally, these systems should be installed on a separate circuit for ease of testing.

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Emergency and Exit Lighting Systems

Passive Fire Systems:

The use of Fire Rated Doors and penetrations are critical fire safety design features of modern building and structures. In a fire, these Passive features will slow the progress of a fire enabling people to safety exit a building.

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Passive Fire Systems

Emergency Evacuation and Training:

Obligations exist within the Fire and Rescue Service Act and the Building Fire Safety Regulation for owners and occupiers of most business premises in Queensland. This may include training and other Fire Safety requirements.

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